Resident of the Month – Betty Reichart

The family of the month for November is Betty Reichart. Betty was born in January of 1922 in Adams County around Brushtown. Betty was 1 of 4 children. She has one brother and two sisters. Betty and her family grew up on a farm in Brushtown. On the family farm they grew many vegetables but mostly potatoes and corn. They also raised dairy and beef cattle, chickens and sheep. Betty mostly helped with milking the cattle and feeding the animals. Betty attended Locust Grove school which was a two-bedroom school in Brushtown. She graduated from Hanover High School. Betty worked in the dress factory from about 1930-1962. When Betty was about 22 she met Dillard Reichart at a picnic at St. David’s. They started to date each other, and he then left for the service. He served with the Navy for two years. When he returned home in 1947, they decided to get married. Dillard was an automotive mechanic. Betty and her husband belonged to the Gettysburg Region of the antique car club. They often went to many different events with their 1939 Graham Paige. They often enjoyed each other’s company by going to the beach or dinner and a movie. We welcome Betty in to our Columbia Cottage family.