Enjoy the Many Assisted Living Benefits at Columbia Cottage

Many people want to grow older in their own homes, but sometimes their needs require a bit of help from outside sources. This help can be challenging to coordinate, and often the home care you can get is not enough to cover all your needs.

There are many different senior independent living options to choose from to help you close the gap between what you can do for yourself and what you need help doing. But why should you choose assisted living over the other independent living options you may have?

Once you've started asking this question, this is where the assisted living benefits at Columbia Cottage become relevant. When you choose us over other independent living options, you will enjoy your independence and receive personalized care centered on your needs and wants.

In addition to your personally tailored continuous care program, enjoy an increased sense of safety, security, and community with our friendly Caregivers and other residents. From group recreational activities, family-friendly events, and shared common areas that encourage you to meet new people, there is always something to do here to enhance your experience in our community! We will help you find a schedule that works for you, so you always feel like you’re at home while staying with us.

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Experience the Life-Affirming, Homelike Environment at Columbia Cottage

When you love where you live, you can enjoy independent living to its fullest! Knowing your health needs are covered can give you peace of mind as you maintain independent living and the freedom to choose what you do each day.

Exceptional round-the-clock care from Caregivers dedicated to providing a life-affirming and homelike environment for activities of daily living are just some of the assisted living benefits you will enjoy. With Columbia Cottage Assisted Living, you’ll be a part of a culture that embraces resident self-determination, personal choice, and a sense of community reminiscent of home.

Understanding Assisted Living

Assisted living is an ideal solution for seniors who recognize the value of preserving their independence and dignity but understand the benefit of coordinating extra support for various activities of daily living throughout the day or night. Our assisted living community allows you to age in place, adjusting your personalized care plan to match your evolving physical and social needs. Our activities and staffing are aligned to meet your needs while preserving your right to respect, dignity, and personal privacy.

What Are Some Assisted Living Benefits?

Choosing where to spend your retirement is a choice that will impact how you spend each day and what kinds of care you can access. When you make an assisted living community your home, you will have several distinct benefits compared to the care offered by other common types of senior living communities.

Take a moment to look over the chart below and notice the differences between different care services available across senior living options in Pennsylvania. You’ll see right away how many more healthcare aspects a licensed assisted living facility like Columbia Cottage covers!

A comparison chart of assisted living benefits

“It’s about not putting someone in a regimented routine. It’s going by their wants and their needs. And keeping them as independent as possible, but being there to support them and assist them with the things they can’t do on their own any longer.”

– Columbia Cottage staff member

With Assisted Living, There's Stability and Choice

Keeping your independence, dignity, and privacy intact are some of the main concerns people have when they consider moving into a facility of any kind. One of the primary differences between Columbia Cottage and other senior living options is our emphasis on preserving your dignity and honoring your daily preferences. We also are unique in offering 10 levels of care, which allows you to stay in your residence even if your needs change.

In contrast, Personal Care facilities can offer supervision over basic care and support needs. However, if you start to require a more complex level of care or if activities of daily living become a struggle, you will need to transfer to a community like Columbia Cottage that is licensed to provide a larger scope of service. On the other end of the spectrum, Skilled Nursing facilities provide critical post-acute care for residents who require extensive health care assistance. Private rooms and personal choice are not a priority there.

Columbia Cottage can provide various services supporting a wide range of levels at a variety of locations – in Collegeville, Hanover, Hershey, Linglestown, and Wyomissing. We do this so you can stay in our warm, homelike setting without needing to relocate if or when your care needs to change. You can stay in your private room, receiving personalized care and support from the familiar and friendly faces you see each day, no matter what level of care you require.

We do all we can to ensure everything – from the meals you enjoy to the staff you interact with and the activities we schedule – provides you with a warm sense of belonging and comfort. In this way, you are free to make the most of each day among friends at Columbia Cottage.

Only at a facility like ours can you enjoy all the assisted living benefits of comprehensive healthcare with all the comforts of home at your fingertips. Get in touch with us today, and let’s talk about how we can welcome you to our community!

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