At Columbia Cottage, We Focus on Person-Centered Care

There’s a lot of misinformation that all retirement communities are rigid, with schedules and care designed to suit the group but not the individual. It can be easy to feel like you will lose your personality and individuality as soon as you become a member of a senior living community. Fortunately, that is not the case when you choose to live in an assisted living community like Columbia Cottage, where Person-Centered Care is our primary concern.

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Person-Centered Care in Community Living

At Columbia Cottage, we understand that we are a community of individuals, and each person has their personality, preferences, history, and goals. That is why our commitment to Assisted Living, or living as part of our community, is founded on Person-Centered Care.

With Person-Centered Care, we focus on treating you as a unique individual, and we adapt schedules and your plan of care to meet your specific social preferences and physical needs. Your choices are important to us because we understand that a huge part of maintaining independence is having the ability to decide what you want each day.

Keeping You At The Center

When you’re here, you’ll find that you are at the center of every decision-making process, and we’ve built our model of care around what’s best for you based on your feedback. Whether you are making decisions about your health care, what time you wake up, what you should eat, or what activities you perform, we strive to honor your choices and encourage your independence every day.

We work alongside you, your family, and your physicians to develop a plan for providing the specific level of care that meets your needs while respecting your dignity. We consider your desires, values, and lifestyle choices to develop and deliver an individualized care plan. And if your requirements or preferences change, we will continue to adapt that plan as often as necessary.

Providing Essential Care When You Need It

One unique feature of Columbia Cottage is our commitment to delivering superior care across a broad spectrum of needs. We provide 10 levels of care, each defined by the degree to which you request or require support in accomplishing various activities of daily living. By offering such a flexible, wide range of support levels, we can adapt and adjust your personalized care plan to ensure that you receive the right amount of care at the right time.

Offering 10 levels of care means we can provide a steady, welcoming home for you through your changing needs. Our cozy, home-like environment offers the comforts of home and the high-quality care you require if your needs ever change. Consider Columbia Cottage an alternative to a nursing home as your needs progress. You will receive the same level of high-quality attention you would expect in a nursing home, all in a warm, friendly setting focused on delivering personalized support and Person-Centered Care.

To pinpoint your initial level of care when you first join us at Columbia Cottage, we will work with you and your support network of family and physicians to determine which activities of daily living present challenges for you. Once you become a resident, we will monitor the degree of daily care and support provided and perform a more formal assessment review once a quarter.

What About Immediate Placements?

Sometimes, situations come up where a potential resident needs immediate placement in an assisted living facility. When this occurs, we will still work with the resident, their family, and medical professionals to determine the right care level for their needs. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you and your loved ones with the assistance needed to maintain maximum independence by creating a unique model of care centered on individualized needs and personal choices, as much as possible, for all kinds of scenarios.

“Words cannot express our heartfelt ‘thank you’ for all you do for our mom. Caring for the elderly is one of the hardest responsibilities, and all of you have exceeded that.”

– family member to a resident

Embracing Your Support Network

Your family and personal physician remain an integral part of your support network and individualized care plan. We keep everyone in your support community aware of pertinent updates or significant changes, such as adjustments in prescriptions or required doctor visits. In our “Getting To Know You” process, we sit down with you and your family and create a procedure for how to manage your specific communication and alert protocols.

When you live at Columbia Cottage, we want you to feel like family. If you are ready to talk about living with Columbia Cottage and our Person-Centered Care today, please contact us! With your input, we will tailor your experience to your specific needs, so you will always feel like this is where you belong.

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