Understanding Assisted Living: What's Life Like at Columbia Cottage?

Growing older means more opportunities to invest time into the things you love to do and the people you care about, including yourself. It can also mean a change of scenery, as you may discover you have changing health needs that require care throughout the day. These concerns don’t have to stop you from enjoying independent living!

Instead, consider the vibrant community at Columbia Cottage. Understanding the assisted living options offered through our various campuses – in Collegeville, Hanover, Hershey, Linglestown, and Wyomissing - can help you choose the best living situation for an increased sense of purpose, more social opportunities, and essential care when you need it!

At Columbia Cottage, our Caregivers put a great deal of effort into making this the place you call home. Assisted living residents across our campuses enjoy maximum independence and a shared community committed to their physical and mental well-being. We cultivate our one-on-one relationships with you and the other residents through planned activities and personalized care.

You will quickly find that our 10 levels of care can encompass any health needs you may have, even if they change over time. We will always focus on your personal choice, keeping you at the center of all decision-making, including everything from your health care options to when you wake up and what you eat during the day. If you want to enjoy the benefits of assisted living as a resident of Columbia Cottage, get in touch with us today!

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Celebrate Each Day with Friends

Feeling like you belong to a community is essential to enjoying your everyday life. You can thrive when you live with others who enjoy spending their time in the same ways you do. We think celebrating renewed purpose, new friendships, and personal individuality is vital for making the most of each day at Columbia Cottage.

Our emphasis on meaningful connection, individual choice, and social activities is the proper foundation for that daily celebration. You will find our various planned activities and all our shared common areas will help you cultivate your place in one of our assisted living communities very quickly!

Be A Part of Our Family

Providing a warm, family atmosphere reminiscent of the home is part of our DNA. As you begin understanding assisted living at Columbia Cottage, you’ll feel welcomed and part of the family from the start. From the one-on-one interactions between our Caregivers and residents to our unique building design, each aspect of daily life here leaves everyone feeling like they’re part of one big family.

We are intentional about strengthening family-like relationships by spending significant personal time with each resident. Our one-story building design and a limited number of residents allow everyone to get to know each other. Because we all share designated common areas, meeting the other residents and our staff happens naturally and quickly once you’ve moved in.

We offer scheduled activities and social gatherings to create daily opportunities to kindle new friendships and build strong bonds with those around you. And if you want to make lasting memories with your family too, rest assured that we encourage you to invite them to visit as often as they can. We want your family to know you are part of our family, too.

“It was all the little extra touches which made the transition less difficult. Mom and our family were also made to feel a part of the Columbia Cottage family. Your team became a big part of our lives.”

– family member to a resident

Honoring Your Dignity and Choice

Part of everyday life at Columbia Cottage includes spending time getting to know you on a deeper level. Our goal is to understand and appreciate your likes and dislikes to explore the best way to provide care and determine how you would like to structure your day. We never assume one day will be like the next or that your schedule needs to match another resident's timeline.

Making your home at Columbia Cottage means having a competent, caring team that genuinely honors your choices and cherishes your well-being. Read more about our philosophy of Person-Centered Care here.

Learn, Laugh, And Grow

Understanding assisted living at Columbia Cottage means you can see the beauty in living within a community of like-minded individuals and receiving care as you need it. We offer opportunities to learn, laugh, and grow each day, so you always feel fulfilled.

Typically, our schedule includes three to four activities per day, each designed for different interests and individual capabilities. Whether you want to listen to a musician or guest speaker, go on a day trip, or rally your bowling team on the Wii, we have something for everyone.

Your family has a standing invitation to attend any scheduled events referenced on our activities calendar. We’ve designed all our activities to bring together residents, family members, and visitors for a closer community and a better experience for our assisted living residents overall.

Learn more about each Cottage’s community events by selecting a location and exploring their community information. If you have any questions or are interested in understanding assisted living better, please talk to us!

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