Expand Your Social Circle by Living in a Community Setting

For many people, socialization is one of the main highlights of everyday living. You may be a person who enjoys going out for dinner with friends or someone who loves knitting circles. Perhaps you are fond of a 1,000-piece puzzle now and again and take pleasure in talking with friends while you assemble it together. Living in a community with close-knit friendships can help you maintain these interests as you enjoy your retirement.

Some people worry that they will lose their sense of family or companionship as they grow older and become empty nesters. However, living in a shared community setting like Columbia Cottage with people close in age who have similar interests with you can help rejuvenate those feelings of belonging and true companionship once again.

If you value friendships and family dynamics, Columbia Cottage is a place you will love. We've designed our senior housing options with you in mind, so you have the option for privacy and the opportunity for shared experiences. Your health and happiness are most important to us here, and we encourage you to live every day to its fullest through group activities and dedication to person-centered care.

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Nurturing Close Relationships

When you live close to your neighbors, you can be more neighborly, and that’s one of the main benefits of living at a senior housing facility! Share experiences through community-hosted events, enjoy each other’s company in common areas, or go for a walk around our beautiful community when the weather is warm. Then, after the day's fun has reached its close, return home and reflect on the wonderful time you’ve had.

Building relationships is at the heart of everything we do here at Columbia Cottage, which is why we deliver superior care and emphasize one-on-one time with each person. Remaining social as you enjoy your retirement years can help you stay cognitively present and keep you physically active because socializing is crucial for your continued well-being as you get older. Living in an intentional community setting, like nursing homes or assisted living facilities, is one way to help you remain social and stay active.

Enjoying The Benefits of a Community

Because of our single-story, open floor plan design and numerous social events, you will quickly find where you fit within our tight-knit group of residents and Caregivers. At Columbia Cottage, we embrace the opportunity to assist our residents in discovering a renewed purpose, building friendships, and embracing each day’s possibilities. No one feels like the new person for long!

Learn more about what to expect when you move in by viewing What to Expect.

Supported By Continuous Care

Sometimes aging comes with health challenges, and it can be challenging to navigate changing health conditions alone as they come up. You deserve personalized care from people who see you as an individual and respect your needs, no matter how they change over time.

At Columbia Cottage, we surround you with a team of competent and compassionate Caregivers who believe true joy comes from serving others. You will be able to get to know each Caregiver personally as they learn about your interests, preferences, and daily routines. Our Caregivers pride themselves on knowing each resident’s favorite shampoo, card game, movies, vacation, and even their favorite meal.

With our Universal Caregiver model, you will have significant one-on-one time with your Caregiver throughout your day. The same person who greets you in the morning will attend to your needs throughout the day. Our team is a part of your emotional and physical support team, even as they deliver care specific to your needs and work diligently to build a strong relationship with you.

The Universal Caregiver model is an intricate part of your Care Plan. You can learn more about this concept by viewing our Health and Medical Practices.

“Our family loves the fact that we know our mother is very well cared for and completely safe in the Columbia Cottage environment. Thank you for that.”

– family member to a resident

Connecting with the Outside Community

It’s essential to maintain your identity outside of your experience within the community, and that’s made possible for residents of Columbia Cottage thanks to the convenient locations of our senior living options. Living in a community has dramatically improved the lives of the people we care for, and we know it will be the right fit for you as well.

Our Columbia Cottage locations – in Collegeville, Hanover, Hershey, Linglestown, and Wyomissing  - have a warm and nurturing culture, partly due to our strong connections with the local community outside of our facilities. Many of our residents previously lived in the surrounding neighborhood, and as a result, they frequently stay in touch with local salons, eateries, churches, and businesses.

We enjoy hosting visitors from the local area and continue to expand our network with various musicians, speakers, religious leaders, and even government officials. If you feel that Columbia Cottage is the right choice, please get in touch with us.

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