Find Purpose and Joy in Our Assisted Living Caregiver Jobs

When you think about working with people, you are often unsatisfied with your options. You are a passionate person, driven by the love of helping others and drawn to healthcare because you want to improve the lives of those around you. Customer service jobs don't fit with what you want to do, and an office job seems too disconnected from other people to satisfy your career goals.

If this description fits you, you are likely well suited to assisted living Caregiver jobs. Being an assisted living Caregiver is an enriching career for people who love to interact with others and find purpose and joy in helping. As a Caregiver, you become part of the residents' lives, learning about their passions and what things they love to do.

This job can help you learn how to work as part of a team to care for individuals as they navigate their lives within the community. It's also an excellent opportunity to build communication skills while you perfect your time management and get some experience in the medical field.

Whether you reached this website by searching "assisted living hiring caregivers near me" or through another avenue, we are glad you found us! When you choose to apply for employment at Columbia Cottage, you are taking the first step toward a rewarding career of caring for the needs of those around you.


More Than a Job

If you know you enjoy being with people and the idea of a job where you're not confined to a desk all day sounds like your dream, an assisted living Caregiver job is the right choice. Choose this fulfilling career path to touch the lives of others in a way you simply can't in retail or at an office job.

Learn about history through the eyes of the people there to see it and create new memories as you participate in our group activities with the residents. You'll develop meaningful, rewarding relationships as you physically and emotionally assist our residents daily.

There's something new and exciting each day at senior living communities. You will never be bored as you continue to uphold our community values and help care for the people at Columbia Cottage. Each person’s role is more than just a job. Everyone is a part of something bigger—providing a safe, warm environment for our residents to age in place with dignity.

We help our residents be their best selves by engaging with them one-on-one daily, listening to their stories, and making them smile. Our Caregivers are critical to allowing us to serve and support the residents who trust us with their care in our five locations across Central Pennsylvania.


You Have an Impact

Are you hoping for a career where what you do matters to you and the people you work with daily? As a Caregiver, you have the unique experience of working with people whose lives you can influence for the better through your skill and compassion. The values our Caregivers help us promote include:

  • Honoring God
  • Putting people first and being people-focused
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Being community-minded
  • Building trust in our internal and external partnerships

When you join Columbia Cottage at any of our locations, you have the opportunity to impact and transform lives daily. From the residents in your care to the coworkers who depend on you, your attitude and abilities will directly influence how successful we are in our mission—to support those we serve in honoring their specific lifestyle while aging in place in a safe, homelike environment.

Our People are Our Strength

Since the beginning, we have recognized that our ability to serve our seniors lies in the strength of our team. Because we value this strength in our work, we create an encouraging and team-focused environment for all our Caregivers and staff.

At Columbia Cottage, we are a tight-knit and dynamic community who have a passion for excellence and a desire to serve others. We laugh together, learn together, and support each other as a part of a big family. Columbia Cottage also offers excellent benefits to each team member, including the following:

  • Competitive hourly rates & shift differentials
  • Comprehensive and affordable medical, dental, and vision plans are available with multiple plans to choose from to meet your individual and family needs
  • Free life insurance (up to $50,000) for full-time employees
  • 401(k) with employer match for all employees
  • Vacation time for full-time and part-time employees
  • PayActiv earned wage access allows you to access your wages before payday
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Opportunities to grow and advance from within

We hope you are excited to apply for one of our assisted living Caregiver jobs. We actively promote the principles of equal employment opportunity. It is our policy not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally protected characteristic.

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