Christmas Party Fun

A special thank you to family, friends, residents and staff for coming out to celebrate our Christmas Parties. It was great to see all the families spending time together. We had a delicious buffet served by Sharon, Steph and Brenda. Sandra and Les were making festive Poinsettia drinks and Erich Chawalla and Chip entertained us with their music, sing along and his wonderful Saxophone playing.

The doors in the hallways reflected the holiday spirit. The door decorating contest winners were announced at the Christmas party. Thank you to all that participated.

Our winners of the first Christmas Party, Apartments 1-27 are as follows:
1st place: Harry Lauzon
2nd place: Aurora Cicconi
3rd place: Grace Minnex

Winners from the second Christmas Party, Apartments 28-53 are as follows:
1st place: Mildred Fair
2nd place: Audrey Brady
3rd place: Anna Lehman