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What to Look for in Assisted Living?

The Differences Between Personal Care Homes & Assisted Living Residences: The 3 C’s

Evaluating Your Choices

The real value of Columbia Cottage to the aging population and their families is its focus on individualized care. With its unique seven levels of care, the staff will determine the best ways to help maintain or improve the independence of each individual resident and will regularly re-evaluate the services and their effectiveness. Other services included in the base monthly rate include providing home cooked meals, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, assistance with medication, a daily activities program and opportunities to do Posit Science, a brain fitness program.

What are Assisted Living Communities?

Assisted Living communities offer supportive amenities, services and care in a residential setting with the comforts of home. Assisted Living has staff available in the community 24/7 to assist with care, safety and support. When you’ve seen one Assisted Living community, you’ve seen just one. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and offer a variety of features, amenities and prices.

Conceptual, Construction, Clinical

As you further evaluate your need level, here is a helpful chart detailing the key differences between Assisted Living Residences and Personal Care Homes.

Download Differences Flyer