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7 Levels and More

Care Steps Customized to Your Needs

You Receive the Right Help at the Right Time

Unique to Columbia Cottage is an innovative and personalized resident care plan that includes seven levels of care.

This care plan assures that you receive the appropriate level of support and assistance that you actually need at the time you need it. Residents are assessed quarterly or if there is a significant change in their mental or physical status.

As a team, you, your family and our trained staff will determine the best way to help you to maintain or improve your independence from providing minimal assistance through to end-of-life care. The vast majority of residents live at the Cottage to the end of their days.

Individualized Levels of Care for Each Resident

Apart from the close attention to every detail that is reflected in the design and quality of the building itself, the defining aspect of Columbia Cottage to its residents and their families is in its intense focus on individualized care. With a unique seven levels of care, Cottage professionals thoroughly and continually assess each resident to determine her/his individual strengths, level of independence, and needs. With levels of daily care that range from independent seniors to those needing higher levels of care, Columbia Cottage can develop and provide level of care packages that truly meet the current and changing needs of each of its residents.

The vast majority of residents that move into Columbia Cottage remain here without having to later move to a nursing home. For its residents, the Cottage is and remains their home.

We understand how seniors and their families must confront the worries and the challenges of aging and the potential added dilemma and uncertainty of leaving their home. We strive every day to allay those worries and to enable our residents to live as independently as they can with the care and support they may need as individuals in a setting in which they can live, relax and enjoy their lives.