Farwell Norma

Once in a while, if you’re lucky, you’ll cross paths with someone really special who makes you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter and enjoy each day a little more.  Here at the cottage in Wyomissing we have a few of those, one of whom is Norma Mangual.

Norma has been employed by Columbia cottage since 2014 which is when I had the pleasure of meeting her; one of the things that stuck out for me with Norma is her smile and her easy-going spirit.  Norma is known to sing around the cottage lifting the spirits of both residents and staff.  Norma is a very spiritual person and often has led us in prayer at cottage events.  Another thing, Norma is known for is her ever changing hair color. It is no small feat for Norma to go from a brunette to blonde in a 24-hour period, while looking good doing so!

Norma goes the extra mile for our residents, during covid when we were without a hairdresser Norma gave haircuts to our men, she washed and styled our ladies hair in her attempt to lift their spirits; if just a little.

We here at the cottage are saddened to see such a person leave us, although we understand that this is just the next chapter in Norma’s life.  Norma will be moving to Georgia with her husband Phil, who will begin a next chapter in his military career. Norma will be working towards her professional growth by taking the Georgia state board to obtain her LPN license.

We wish you all the best in your new beginning, the cottage won’t be the same without you.

– Robin and the rest of your CC family