Exciting Activities And Social Groups

Enjoying Life At Wyomissing

We go above and beyond to entertain our residents and ensure each person has a great day, every day. On our Activities Calendar you’ll see we celebrate every holiday, even those inspired by our internal team. It’s not unusual to celebrate “Favorite Disney Character Day” as passionately as Valentine’s Day. At Wyomissing, we celebrate each day and the quality relationships we can build in it.


We take joy in helping our residents plan their day with activities and experiences that encourage building connections, exercising minds, or simply relaxing with others. We offer a wide range of activities in order to engage people with different interests and abilities. Each activity is designed to help you connect with your neighbors, Caregivers, volunteers, and your family. We have our “usual” fun and games, but we are known for constantly adding new activities, especially tied to holidays and the seasons.

Sample of Activities

  • Movies (and popcorn)
  • Art Class
  • Crafting
  • Stretchercize
  • Bingo, Pokeno, Dominoes
  • Massages
  • Manicures
  • Happy Hour
  • Games
  • Church Services
  • Bowling
  • Coloring
  • Balloon Toss
  • Trivia
  • Make and Bake
  • Socials

A Sample of Groups

  • Stretchercizers
  • Coffee Klatch
  • Religious Groups
  • Movie Buffs
  • Card Club

Activities Calendar

We create an Activities Calendar each month, which we distribute to our residents and families as part of our monthly newsletter. You and your family are always welcome to participate in as many of the activities as you’d like. Your family can even meet us at the location of some of our special trips, which include going out to lunch and shopping.

Download the current calendar and newsletter here.

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