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The Leader in Assisted Living

Pioneers in Assisted Living

First and Only Licensed Assisted Living Residence in the Region

A trusted leader in the field of Assisted Living care since 1998, Columbia Cottage was the first licensed Assisted Living with multiple  communities in Pennsylvania. Today, that tradition of excellence continues. We continue to be the only licensed Assisted Living residence in our areas of operation.

Aging in Place

We practice “Aging in Place.” We want our residents to participate as active members of the Cottage community in the comfort of their apartments and to maintain as much independence as they can, for as long as they can with the level of support they may need.

The Assisted Living Difference

We often hear the question: What is the difference between Assisted Living Residence and a Personal Care Home? Although there are many, here are a few key differences for you and your family to know:

  • Assisted Living residences offer a long-term care alternative to skilled care vs. personal care homes that offer for those “who do not require the services in or of a long-term facility.”
  • Assisted Living residences offer a philosophy of service that promotes independence, privacy, dignity and choice vs. personal care homes that offer a philosophy of keeping residents “as safe” as possible.
  • Assisted Living residences provide a private living unit with private bathroom vs. personal care homes that have no requirement.
  • Assisted Living residents can share living units if it is the resident’s choice, but no more than two people can share a unit vs. personal care homes that provide a “resident bedroom” that can be shared by up to four residents.
  • Assisted Living residences require higher clinical assessment with a registered nurse review of assessments and support plans vs. personal care homes with no nursing requirements.