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The Difference

It’s All About You

One Decision Makes All the Difference

When you have decided that you or a family member cannot live at home due to changing physical, social or mental needs, and that an alternative to in-home care but not nursing home care is needed, you have many options. You want the best care but how do you decide what that care is and where it is? Finding the right match should not be left to chance.

We can help.

We have been a trusted pioneer in Assisted Living services since 1998. Medical professionals, rehabilitation hospitals and social service agencies routinely refer their clients to our four Assisted Living communities.

The Cottage Difference

As an early proponent of Assisted Living services in Pennsylvania, Columbia Cottage was the first company in Pennsylvania to obtain multiple licensed Assisted Living communities. We know the skills, dedication and passion that it takes to provide the best quality Assisted Living services and to do so in an environment that nurtures and supports our residents – every day. Our commitment to our residents is unmatched. We provide maximum personal independence in a warm, home-like environment with professional quality care that is matched to individual needs.

If you or someone you love is entering a stage of life where the benefits of Assisted Living services may be needed, we welcome your phone call or visit at any time.

Tour through the nearest Columbia Cottage with one of our dedicated professional team members. We think that you will see and experience the difference between us and everywhere else.

Over the years, we have learned important and essential lessons from our residents about living in an Assisted Living community. Informed by those experiences and conversations with our residents and their families, we approach each resident mindful that:

As a resident at Columbia Cottage –

  • I want to enjoy my life.
  • I want the Cottage staff to know me.
  • I want to be safe and secure.
  • I want the Cottage staff to be caring towards me.
  • I want the staff to respect me and to appreciate and understand that I need to make decisions and choices about my life and my needs.
  • I want the Cottage staff to treat me with dignity and to respect my privacy.