“grams lives here”

Our Mission, Our Philosophy


Our Mission

We are committed to providing the very best possible care and services to our residents. This pledge requires every staff member to work effectively, efficiently and cooperatively every day to ensure that our care and services are performed to meet each resident’s needs. Our success is not the result of the efforts of one person or one group. No. Our success reflects and is due to the dedication and commitment of all our staff working together to assure every resident’s needs are met!

Our Philosophy

The Cottage and staff are committed to providing the best service possible to our residents.  We will only be successful if we have the cooperation and dedication of each staff member.

Columbia Cottage fully embraces the philosophy of “Aging in Place.”  But what does that concept actually mean and how is it practiced?

At Columbia Cottage, it means an open, natural light-filled, single story construction that readily addresses the physical and sensory changes that normally occur as one ages. It means genuinely promoting and maintaining the dignity and independence of our residents. It means providing a quality of life that reflects the realities of growing older. It means ensuring the presence of experienced and professional caregivers every day, all day who provide assistance as needed with dressing, bathing and other physical activities and with assistance with medications. It means actively encouraging and facilitating the continuation of relationships with family and friends and the building of new relationships in daily social and recreational activities. It means enabling our residents to enjoy their lives and longevity in a setting in which they are cared for and about. It means resident-centered care.